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Журнал Intercept был основан Гленном Гринвальдом, который прославился публикациями материалов Эдварда Сноудена, а ныне является одним из ведущих путиноскептиков.

On Carlson’s program, Greenwald attacked the Washington Post for reporting that the CIA and the FBI believed Russia’s hacking was intended to help Trump win. It is a remarkable segment that merits close reading. “Should we believe that assessment?” asked Carlson. “We should be extremely skeptical of it for multiple reasons,” replied Greenwald. “These are assertions that are being made unaccompanied by any evidence whatsoever.”

Сноуден, однако, оказался не последним героем. Сегодня Intercept публикует секретный документ АНБ, в котором приводятся свидетельства того, что российские спецслужбы (спецподразделения ГРУ) пытались взломать не только электронную почту демократов, но также избирательные системы и машины для подсчета голосов на выборах.

The NSA has now learned, however, that Russian government hackers, part of a team with a “cyber espionage mandate specifically directed at U.S. and foreign elections,” focused on parts of the system directly connected to the voter registration process, including a private sector manufacturer of devices that maintain and verify the voter rolls. Some of the company’s devices are advertised as having wireless internet and Bluetooth connectivity, which could have provided an ideal staging point for further malicious actions.

Публикуя сверхсекретный документ, Intercept спалил свой источник. За слив этого документа была арестована девушка с необычным именем Reality Winner, которая, как и Сноуден, работала контрактором в АНБ.

A criminal complaint was filed in the Southern District of Georgia today charging Reality Leigh Winner, 25, a federal contractor from Augusta, Georgia, with removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet, in violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 793(e).
Winner was arrested by the FBI at her home on Saturday, June 3, and appeared in federal court in Augusta this afternoon.
“Exceptional law enforcement efforts allowed us quickly to identify and arrest the defendant,” said Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein. “Releasing classified material without authorization threatens our nation’s security and undermines public faith in government. People who are trusted with classified information and pledge to protect it must be held accountable when they violate that obligation.”

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